Carpe Diem


Ciao 🙂
In questi giorni il tempo è un po’ ugioso e quindi ho colto l’occasione per scattare delle foto in casa.
E’ piacevole in queste giornate starsene in camera e godere il tepore e la tranquillità di un ambiente familiare indossando abiti comodi e morbidi.
Nel ritmo frenetico delle nostre vite a volte è bello riuscire a ritagliarsi alcuni momenti in cui lasciare che il tempo scorra lentamente ed assaporarne ogni momento il più intensamente possibile.

Anche voi amate stare in casa e godere della tranquillità, allontanandovi per un momento dal mondo frenetico di fuori?

Hello 🙂
In these days the weather is a bit gloomy so I made some pictures at home.
Sometimes I like to stay in my room and enjoy the warmth and tranquility of the house wearing soft and comfortable clothes.
In the hectic pace of our lives sometimes it’s nice to be able to carve out a few moments and let the time pass slowly and savor every moment as intensely as possible.

Do you guys love to stay at home and enjoy the tranquility, moving away for a moment from the busy world outside?





Cardigan: Terranova
Shirt: Stradivarius
Jeans: Globo
Shoes: Primadonna


32 pensieri riguardo “Carpe Diem

  1. Really great blog you have – I love how clean the layout is it is great and you put together some very good looking outfits. They always say Italians have style!

  2. You absolutely look gaurgious and fantastic in your natural and calm poses, and for sure you have a great taste for clothing.! I would also like to thank you for adding me to your G+ circle as well. Please allow me to call a friend.
    Thank you again, Nougy Nyan.


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