Welcome Summer

Ultimamente le giornate stanno diventando sempre più calde. Non vedo l’ora di godermi le vacanze estive e di andare al mare con le mie amiche, di poter fare qualche viaggio e di rilassarmi un po’. Nell’attesa… ecco un  look per dare il benvenuto al sole di luglio! 🙂


Here in Italy the days are getting warmer. I can’t wait to enjoy the summer holidays, go to the beach with my friends, make some traveling and get some relax. In the meantime… here is a look to say welcome to the July sun! 🙂





Hat: DonnaPiù
Playsuit: Bershka
Shoes: Globo


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40 pensieri riguardo “Welcome Summer

  1. I love the diagonal stripes of the top joining the the horizontal stripes on the bottoms. Together they make for a very sculptural and painted look. You are so cute and classy it that outfit, but you seem to raise any outfit to the level of beautiful and classy. If you wear that outfit on holiday, you will be sending people to the doctor with whiplash from snapping their necks to get a better look 😉

      1. Well I’m sure the doctors appreciate all the sore necks your beauty sends their way 😉

  2. pictures are so stunning and your plan sounds so cool. although here in India, we’re just done with the miserable summer 🙈 and its heavily raining since a week. so glad that it wont be hot as hell anymore 😛

  3. Bonjour
    belle demoiselle
    Tu remplis mes jours de joie
    Le matin à mon réveil , tu seras présent au cours de ma journée
    Belle Amitié entre nous , tu ouvres mon cœur
    Tu me donnes ce que j’ai envie par tes petits messages
    Des fois je souries quand je suis mélancolique
    Bises passe une belle journée

    Profite de ton week-end et de la semaine à venir


  4. Beautiful photos! This is such a lovely summer outfit on you! Your hat adds a nice touch as well.



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