Informal look

Ciao! 🙂
L’estate è quasi finita. Come ogni estate che se ne va, ritorna settembre e ritorna la scuola, lo studio e anche gli abiti cambiano.
Ho indossato un look informale per una giornata informale: un paio di jeans comodi e un top bianco per dare contrasto al look, in quanto, nonostante settembre sia arrivato, le giornate sono ancora piacevolmente miti.


Hello! 🙂
Summer is almost over. Like every summer who goes away, when September arrive, the school starts again,  the study and even the clothes change.
I wore a casual look for a casual day: a pair of comfortable jeans and a white top to give contrast to the look, because, although September has arrived, the days are still pleasantly mild.






Top: Glogo
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Primadonna
Bag: Lancetti


51 pensieri riguardo “Informal look

  1. When I was a kid, I always wore holes in the knees my jeans soon after I got a new pair. My mom would patch them and I would wear them out again; she would patch them again; I’d wear them out again. This would go on until the jeans were pretty much totally worn out before I would get a new pair of jeans. We were not poor, by any means, and jeans were not expensive, but my mom wanted to make sure I got all the wear possible out of my clothes. So nowadays I find it interesting that jeans with holes in the knees have become a fashion. Holy-kneed jeans look great on you Sara. The top is adorable. Tim

    1. Ahah that’s so true! When I was a child my grandma always wanted to patch my pants for use them again. Now every time she see my broken pants, she want to repair them.
      Thank you for the compliment Timothy. Have a great day! 🙂


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